ImSim's frequently asked questions

Is ImSim compatible with VR?

I already have a screen, can I use it with ImSim?

Does the Simulator work with consoles?

What wheels and pedals is ImSim compatible with?

How many tracks and cars will I have access to?

I already own a racing bucket seat, will it be compatible?

Can I run online games with ImSim?

What games are compatible with ImSim?

What's ImSim warranty?

Will the Simulator be ready to use straight out of the box?

How hard is it to play on ImSim?

How many dregrees of freedom does your motion system offer?

Does ImSim require specialized staff?

Where can I find guides or documents of any needed maintenance?

Are there any age restrictions?

How fast can I move my simulator and start it up?

How big is ImSim Alma?

Do you provide installation and usage instructions?

What if i have more questions, how can I contact you?

What should I do if I have any issue with my simulator?

Do you ship internationally?

How long does it take for my simulator to be assembled?

How reliable is ImSim?

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